Accommodating spasms eye

(Mon-Williams, Wann, & Rushton, 1993) or from the strain of too great a mismatch between the accommodative stimulus and the vergence stimulus (Wann, Rushton, & Mon-Williams, 1995); in this case, a meter angle (MA) of 0. They may occur asfunctionalimpairment or they may occur iatrogenically when treating young patientswith parasympathomimetic agents (miotic agents).Ive been using therapy propranolol 2x10 mg and lorazepam before sleeping for a long time without visual improvements.Another doctor told me to try amyzol cause it has as side effect reduction of accommodation.

Would be very grateful for your opinion In the end it is discovered that all the time I have had pseudomyopia and spasm of accommodation had basis in uncorrected latent hyperopia. I would remind that in one moment -2 was prescribed.This is done with an accom-modometer, which determines the difference in refractive power between the near point and far point.A differential diagnosis should exclude latent hyperopia. The prognosis is also good for patients with functional causes. Spasms due to organic causes require treatment of the un-derlying disorder but once treatment is initiated the prognosis is usually good. Still have strong asthenopic symptoms and unbearable headache.Doctor is against plus lenses but it is very hard to read due to strong pain. Thanks for any advice hi this phenomena you're describing is very rare, so hopefully, thanks to this community by forcing hands, we could go to the root of that.In children, this will frequently be associated with accommoda-tive esotropia and accommodative pupil narrowing. Iatrogenic spasms are completely reversible by discontinuing theparasympathomimetic agents. The result is that the Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing....It has been EXTREMELY painful process and images kept rotating, sometime I would see only with my right eye while my left eye vision is extremely foggy/hazy to the extent that it can't see, and other time I would be able to see only with my left eye and not be able to see with right eye, as well as other weird visual stuff, which are the result of the moving and rotating involuntary!!!

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