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Unfortunately, you can't get a hold of them and let them know that you really hope they pull through and keep at it. Much like the Double Down un-sandwich or Yoo-Hoo, hangouts have the elements that present the potential to be a date or something more, however you need a lot more than just breading or milk substitute to make it solid between two people. When I got there she was shoveling her walk, and we walked inside to her place. The big one was excited and jumpy and wouldn't stop getting in my face when I was sitting down; the other one long haired and wet from the snow and wanted to sit on my lap.Instead you just sit there drinking soda while they are on the other side of the screen chewing gum and talking about how it taste like banana cream pie. HB: Yeah those situations never really seem to go anywhere Assoc. HB: Can be a complete waste, just stagnate and finally something gives, usually not helping anyone out. Maybe I should have gone with the my whole pizza/ relationship metaphor because of this story. She spent about 30 minutes doing random stuff in her place like taking out the garbage, arranging things, and other errand/chore type stuff. She also spent about 10 minutes on the phone with her friend while I was just sitting on the couch.So there we were, feet away from a possible dead body.

We sit by the lake, read the concrete horoscopes in Chinatown, eat tofu barbecue from Soul Vegetarian. I love him ridiculously, with the naive ardor of first love. The people who are losing weight for health, emotional, or whatever other personal reasons run the risk of being thrown off the show each week.Anything to spice up the scene that is on the screen; it's just some people sweating and not really doing much. They attach themselves to a person (a host) and begin a conversion process which happens in 2 stages.The other thing is it's kind of perverse, just sitting and staring while people starve themselves, they are on a gum diet for crying out loud. Once the stages are complete and all happiness and life is drained from the human host, the non-earthling will keep the body for physical purposes; they only gutted and stripped the human mentally and emotionally (also referred to as the human soul). Looks like I already said he was executed, I really should have prefaced that with a 'spoiler alert! Anyway, the guy really seems to be enjoying everything right now, totally free from any and all confines, which in his case are the media, drugs, hookers, ex-wives, parties that last for weeks and feature more porn stars than the AVN Awards. Those are pretty good and certainly raise holiday spirits but by mid-Christmas day you have taken all you can so no, not the movies either. Granted, if that is the person's goal then good for them. I'm not talking about the physical heat that you get when you jump a jam packed train at rush hour but the warm feelings people just seem to have every day in December. The one about the Private who faces execution, I mean. Plus at parties there is a high risk you will be cornered at the snack table by someone who will tell you all about their resolution to lose weight next year. Alright, for the length of this entry's sake I will just go ahead and say that the best thing about the holidays in Chicago is that warmth generated by each and every human in the city makes the subzero temps almost unnoticeable.At that point he announced that he had to go to the bathroom and that he was just going to walk around the corner of the building and go against the wall.This man, by the way, was a 29 year old who had just finished a Ph. He went far enough away that I couldn't see or hear him pee, but still...Removing the heart so the brain can think clearly is a painful process, common side effects are tears and realizations.It's messy and painful but that's love or at least one way of looking at it. It's where you accuse your girlfriend or boyfriend of doing exactly what you are doing to them.You start planning where you will put furniture, pictures, hang shelves, speakers, etc.The planning is actually pretty cool and once everything is set, you are happy with the outcome. From this I see that getting physical can turn the hangout into a date.

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