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since then I've had abusive messages off his wife on fb saying that they were back together and had been for a while, trying to work on their marriage, i was just the rebound girl and he never loved me or the kids...he not only broke my heart but my kids hearts aswell, they've lost 2 father figures in their little short lives and its not fair on them if I do it all over again or fair on me...don't see the point in being with anyone if they're just going to make you false promises and end up ripping out your heart and soul when they make you fall for them, even knowing how hurt you've been before.Must admit, someone seperated would not have been in my consideration before, but as I found out, you really can't judge til you know all the reasons. If I were single i would want to be absolutely sure they were not still together and I would want them to have been separated for a while and know what the relationship with the ex is like.Glad I'm happily married as dating with kids sounds like a mine field!Hi After a lot of serious and repetative issues that I won't go into (too, too much) I told my ex that I would be leaving once I had got somewhere sorted (again finacial issues) just over a month later she told me she was pregant.I told her that I still wanted her to have the baby and offered to stay until baby was born but I wwould still be moving out, mistake, yes I know.

I moved out after baby was born, not to my new partner's house, three years later that relationship ended.There was never any chance of reconciliation and I would never in a million years have returned to my ex.The marriage was over all but legally and we lived the opposite side of the country and we had no children.My relative certainly didn't and handed in her notice...The word "separated" seems to mean different things to different people and perhaps it would be wise to find out exactly what the situation is before getting involved.the 2nd was a friend of a friend who was in the navy, was very wary of getting into the relationship with him due to the ex.he promised he wouldn't ever hurt me or the kids, took a while to introduce him to the kids, they got on great he was like a father figure to them, we went on holiday week before last when he was on his annual leave, i met his family,we discussed getting married, made plans for xmas and holiday next year, we took the kids to drayton manor last wednesday when the kids asked if they could call him daddy dave.left on the thursday went back to the house he shares with his wife who he had separated from didn't hear off him til the saturday then when he phoned me to tell me that we weren't compatable and the distance was a problem (he lived in portsmouth) .He's fantastic and we wouldn't be together if he only wanted a single / divorced girl!!Me too Vicky, me and husband were going to wait 2 years as it was cheaper and no kids were involved but I met my wonderful bf and I have filed for divorce (which is still taking for ever.) I would be more concerned about the internet dating, there are a lot of men that fill you with a lot of bull on those no I wouldn't, I wouldn't even see someone who had a divorce I was separated for 4 years before I managed to get my divorce owing to my ex being pig headed.I met my 2nd husband a year after separating and dated throughout that time.

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