Dating sites with best female to male ratio

Dear Duana, My brother Fred’s alcoholic ex-wife abandoned him and his sons three years ago.Now, he’d like to find The One, but obviously he won’t look in bars, and he lacks time to sort through endless profiles. Betsy Dear Betsy, When Minnesotans Dave and Elizabeth Weinlick wed, their marriage was normal, except for one teeny thing: Dave had his *friends* choose the bride —reasoning that they would be better judges of his wants and needs than he himself—and he and Elizabeth spoke for all of five minutes pre-Vows.I get the impression through conversations with some women that there are a lot more men on the sites then women.That’s a great question, and it’s one we had as well.But at least there is an algorithm, and the Big 5 personality profiling is real.Other sites typically offer information—not matching. For instance, and both have members take a personality test, and then offer the results to each prospective date/mate.But they don’t actually select the would-be partners for one another based on the results.So, Betsy, I’m not suggesting that you marry your brother off in less time than it takes to order a tall, skinny decaf latte. And you’re your brother’s ideal matchmaker—knowledgeable, loving and free of charge. So I think your pre-screening plan, followed by a few coffee dates Fred takes with only the most Wonderful Women, is pure brilliance.

Cheers, Duana The author wishes to acknowledge the following scientists and sources: Tara Mac Donald and Mike Ross, for their work on parents’, roommates’, and students’ abilities to predict the length of students’ dating relationships.

When Erich Goode placed fake singles ads representing attractive men and women, 11x more men than women initiated responses.

So—don’t post a profile on your brother’s behalf and then wait for the women to waltz up.

Yes, as with many things e Harmony, the algorithm used to create matches is secret.

And it’s doubtful whether it’s even mathematically possible to match on 29 criteria in any meaningful way.

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