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In conclusion, a cognitive pluralist stance is adopted which sets priority for the supervenience theory of mind. Author(s): Adam Drozdek / Language(s): English / Issue: 55/2010 In Anaxagoras’ system, cosmic Mind is one, indivisible and immutable and thus cannot be divided into parts, into individual minds residing in living beings.

The same Mind is in one living being as it is in another.

Finally, the article clarifies that faith, which opens the „vent“ of being, unifies touching and being touched.

Through the gap which is scorched by the thirst of transcendence, the hunger of God and the desire of Infinity, the beyond penetrates by blessedly touching and transforming reality.

Also, the soul is an individual entity, one soul in one living being.

Mind does manifest itself in a living being, not as the soul, but through the soul.

Many modern panpsychist theories are deflationist or endorse deflationist accounts of subjects, such as Parfit’s reductionism of personal identity and G. To see if there can be deflation we need to understand what the subject/self is.

One aspect of consciousness left unexplored and unappreciated by panpsychist theories is pre-reflective self-consciousness/self-awareness.

There exists an explanatory gap between those two groups of disciplines which concerns the ability to translate and integrate data across diverse methodological and terminological systems.I present an alternative definition that an object has a disposition if and only if a counterfactual is true of the object that, under a certain condition, it would interact with another object in a certain manner. Stoyanov / Language(s): English / Issue: 1/2018 The aim of this paper is to highlight the rationale behind the use of data from neuroscience, particularly neuroimaging, in psychiatric legal expert procedures and their interference with the mind-brain problem.There are three reasons for thinking that my definition is better than her definition. Ockham’s razor favors my definition over Mc Kitrick’s definition. My definition is consistent, while her definition is not, with Lewis’s and her definitions of intrinsic and extrinsic properties. My definition goes well, while her definition does not, with our intuition that an object has a disposition even in a possible world where there is nothing but that object. The critical argument is that the employment of mental health evaluation of the defendants and/or witnesses as collected with clinical assessment methods in court proceedings should not be considered irrespective to the data from neuroscience.different approaches to such phenomena as language, translation, teamwork, writing, discipline.s history, publishing, tradition, innovation).Yet, this dichotomy is questioned in the conlusion.In various contexts, the direction of intention is shown to be an essential condition of the experience of touch.Intention limits and assures the encounter with alterity and manifestation of transcendence.We kindly inform you that, as long as the subject affiliation of our 300.000 articles is in progress, you might get unsufficient or no results on your third level or second level search. Author(s): Anton Crisan / Language(s): English / Issue: Sp.Iss./2015 A Commentary upon Gadamer’s Interpretation of Hegel.The author argues that whenever human artifacts are at stake, both the humanites and experimental sciences are equally hard, because they inquire the same matter, ie.how the products of human cognitive activities were created and what are their social functions.

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