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If you tend to make transactions in public places, consider getting a VPN.

You never need to give out your Social Security number to make a simple purchase. If a website seems to be asking for more information than is normal, leave immediately and don’t look back. Otherwise, you leave yourself wide open to attacks and security breaches.

Of course, these seals can be faked, but if there’s no seal at all, you may want to reconsider entering your information. You should always have a mix of numbers and letters, both uppercase and lowercase characters and at least one symbol like @ or %.

Don’t use obvious words like your name, your Social Security number or birthday, “12345” or the word “password.” Make it unique and custom, and don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.

Here are a handful of basic tips to make sure your online credit card purchases are safe.

The first rule of keeping your payments safe is to always use a credit card.

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You should also keep your web browser and operating system current with the most recent security patches.

When it’s time to enter your information, make sure the page’s address starts with https:// rather than

The extra ‘s’ indicates the site uses an encryption system to scramble your information.

The “s” doesn’t necessarily guarantee the transaction is 100% safe, but it’s a fast and easy check that can give you another layer of confidence. Don’t conduct online transactions in public places.

Websites often save login information, and you don’t want to accidentally leave your accounts open for the next person who hops on the computer.

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