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You can gain updates from nearby users, buy and send gifts for them or simply see who’s checking you out.It’s ideal for those who travel regularly but want to meet people. Nearify (Free) Nearify touts itself as an app for letting you know of events happening near you, but it’s also a cool way of meeting new people."The story isn't about Signal or Whats App, but to the extent that it is, we see it as confirmation that what we're doing is working."The only people who may need to worry are those who might be the target of a total-device takeover, an exploit largely limited to nation-state actors.At that point, you’ve got far bigger concerns than end-to-end encrypted chat.The people who use these apps rely on that rock-solid security to facilitate sensitive discussions, avoid oppressive regimes, communicate with journalists, and more.Undermining trust in those tools creates the impression that vulnerable people have nowhere to turn. They absolutely do."The CIA/Wiki Leaks story today is about getting malware onto phones, none of the exploits are in Signal or break Signal Protocol encryption," said Open Whisper Systems in a response on Twitter.“If you compromise a target's phone, you don't care about encryption anymore.”That makes saying the CIA can “bypass” encryption apps like Whats App akin to saying Jimmy Stewart could have bypassed his neighbor’s blinds in by breaking into the guy’s house and hiding in his closet. But it doesn't make the blinds any less effective. More than a billion people use Signal and Whats App, both of which use Open Whisper System’s Signal Protocol to protect communications.Other end-to-end encrypted apps, like Confide, have also seen a recent uptick in popularity.

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"It isn't about ‘defeating encryption,’ despite the hype,” says Nicholas Weaver, a computer security researcher at the International Computer Science Institute.No one, not even the companies providing the service, can read or see that data while it is in transit. The underlying software remains every bit as trustworthy now as it was before Wiki Leaks released the documents.Of course, the CIA can compromise the devices sending or receiving those messages.You can easily use it to see what other dogs are in your area, chat with their owners, and event set up doggie dates for you and your hound. Foursquare City Guide (Free) Foursquare is a well known name in social networking, but you can also use it to get to know folk.Its City Guide helps you find the best restaurants and bars in the area, while also giving you some insight into where like minded folk might reside.By signing up, you can immediately check out what your local area has to offer.Whether it’s simply a group full of people of a similar age, or a keen bunch of tech or fitness fans, there should be something for you. Nextdoor (Free) Want to get to know your neighbors more easily but never seem to run into them? It’s a private social network for your neighborhood, allowing you to exchange information on the local community through your smartphone.It’s ideal if you’re worried about being isolated while on paternity leave, as well as great for gaining advice. Skout (Free) Skout works on preferences and proximity, much like a dating app but for friends.You can use it to meet new people, no matter where you are, even if you’re just visiting a new area.A close reading of the descriptions of mobile hacking outlined in the documents released by Wiki Leaks shows that the CIA has not yet cracked those invaluable encryption tools.That has done little to prevent confusion on the matter, something Wiki Leaks itself contributed to with a carelessly worded tweet: The end-to-end encryption protocols underpinning these private messaging apps protect all communications as they pass between devices.

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