Live update not updating virus definitions

Users can receive the offer for a new Feature Update through Windows Update but discover during installation or after setup that the new release is actually incompatible with their hardware.

As Microsoft continues to roll out more and more Windows 10 Feature Updates, those with older hardware are increasingly finding themselves left behind due to Windows update compatibility issues.

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OEM’s maintain databases determining support for a particular release of Windows 10.

That said, Windows Update, Media Creation Tool, and the Upgrade Assistant don’t reference any of these services.

And it all takes place inside the sprawling Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia.

As new releases are delivered, it’s truly an unknown going forward for older hardware.

Stay tuned for more information regarding SSF2 at the con throughout the coming weeks.

Windows 10 upgrade mechanisms do a rather basic check when it comes to compatibility: CPU speed, storage, RAM, and that’s basically it.

So, if you block 1703 for example, you will need move to 1809 when the time comes.

Being able to block Feature Updates temporarily or indefinitely works today.

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