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He attended graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he earned a Ph.D in cognitive psychology in 1990, under the supervision of Susan Carey.We are a totally Canadian website and, while we are affiliated with the American Adult Friend Finder site, we are completely independently owned and managed.Our site is 100% totally free and we have no means by which we can process payments.

In 2007, his Introduction to Psychology class was selected as an outstanding Yale course to be made available worldwide through the Open Yale Courses initiative. Jacobs Research Prize for his investigations into how children develop a sense of morality.Here are some of the sexiest local women members we've had.* If you see one you want to meet, click the picture to hit her profile.If you are not already a Adult Friend Finder member, use our EXPRESS SIGNUP page to add your sexy profile now!In 2003, the Society for Philosophy and Psychology awarded Bloom the Stanton Prize for outstanding early-career contributions to interdisciplinary research in philosophy and psychology, and in 2005-06, he served as the society's president.In 2006, he was made a fellow of the American Psychological Society in recognition of his "sustained outstanding contributions to the science of psychology".His research explores how children and adults understand the physical and social world, with special focus on language, morality, religion, fiction, and art.As an undergraduate he attended Mc Gill University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology (with honors first class) in 1985.Since 2003, Bloom has served as co-editor in chief of the scholarly journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences.Bloom is married to the psychologist Karen Wynn, an infant researcher who is also a professor of psychology and cognitive science at Yale University. Bloom has held the Harris Visiting Professorship at the Harris Center for Developmental Studies at the University of Chicago (2002); the Nijmegen Lectureship at the Max Planck Institute at the University of Nijmegen (2006); the Templeton Lectureship at Johns Hopkins University (2007-8); and the Visiting Distinguished SAGE Fellowship at the UCSB SAGE Center for the Study of Mind (2010).From Vancouver to Toronto to Saint John's, we have AFF members in every province and tons of them in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. Still not sure that Adult Friend Finder is right for you?Check out our reviews for some insight on how we stack up against the competition.

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