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With more that 25 years going to the Bonneville salt flats, we know how importatnt anti-corrosion coatings are..to mention operation in the real world.

Cutting, machining, welding, anodizing, water jet cutting, ceramic coating, fixturing and assembly operations...

You can run your big twin through the gears at low boost and about 180 Hp and the intercooler discharge temperatures will be close to ambient.

We don't use small restrictive intercoolers or, even more stupidly, put the intercooler under the bike like one firm does.

Here we are welding up a 300 HP HD Turbo Intercooler after machining and prepping the parts for it.

Air enters and exits at the larger part of the tapered end caps. The intercoolers are sized to drop the inlet charge temperature closer to ambient i.e.

We have five variations on these to cover multiple applications.

We wrote a fuel injection program for it and that program was never changed.These come in as raw, machined castings in iron and aluminum.We then modify the compressor, exhaust housing and the turbo center section with machining. The parts are then ceramic coated for corrosion protection, heat retention, and heat dispersion.No nuts, no bolts, no windows, and no blow through filter.Designed as a surge reservoir and to break up directional airflow before it enters the throttle body.Special flex bellows couplers (see below) connect the moving and stationary parts. Turbo Plenum Chambers: All machined from billet and welded.Integral boost and water injection ports plus billet compressor discharge valve.We wrote the program before the bike turned a wheel with the turbo. Mike was adamant about "not wanting to learn anything new". Prior to that, in the late 1970's and early 1980's, we were making 150hp Shovelheads.In the early 1990's we manufactured our own closed loop RSR EFI system for our turbos..powered Drag Racing Harleys to a 7.75 @176mph and a National Pro Gas Championship in the quarter mile.Every part of the system has been upgraded in terms of fasteners, polishing, ceramic coating as well as CNC machined parts like our wastegates and compressor discharge blow off valves.The 360 HP turbocharger has been extensively modified.

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