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The international Demeter standard (see logo above) has been around for about 90 years, but few people are aware of it.

Demeter goes far beyond what we typically regard as “organic”, and only those farmers 100% committed to its demanding, sustainable practices ( a system called biodynamic farming) can be Demeter-certified.

It does this by penetrating the cell walls of pathogens, killing them instantly.

The Anolyte works in the same way the human body does when producing white blood cells (neutrophils) which, once activated, attack invading bacteria and viruses.

It is CE certified (complies with standards set) by the European Union and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.It’s not surprising then that conscious consumers have been looking for a hand sanitiser that delivers anti-bacterial protection without the use of alcohol, preservatives or harsh chemicals, an eco-friendly solution that’s potent against pathogens but harmless to people, pets and the planet.Introducing the Absolute Organix Hand Sanitiser: it’s powerful, biodegradable and contains zero “nasties”.In a food system drenched in pesticides/herbicides and synthetic fertilisers on depleted soils seeded with GMO crops, it’s no wonder that health-conscious consumers are increasingly seeking out organic alternatives.And, while organically-grown foods satisfy the basic requirements of “clean” nutrition, the truth is organic standards set the bar pretty low when it comes to sustainable farming.You’ll often read the claim that the body does not effectively convert plant-sourced omega-3 (ALA) into the Omega-3s found in fish oils (EPA & DHA).Apart from the fact that this claim is simply not true (the fish oil industry has been very successful in spreading this fake news), ALA also has a much broader spectrum of health benefits than EPA/DHA. It’s a long overdue contribution to the ketogenic movement in South Africa (using fats rather than carbs as a key source of energy), and provides a premium alternative to our original MCT oil (a blend of coconut and palm kernel MCTs).* It’s high in trace elements such as copper, iron, selenium, and manganese.With all those powerful nutrients and free radical fighters, Biobodi Organic Seabuckthorn Berry Oil With the water crisis tightening its grip on large parts of the country, South Africans are rallying around the need to not just minimise their water usage but to do so without compromising personal hygiene.It would take a “super-organic” standard to really get to grips with a truly eco-friendly approach to producing food of the highest natural quality.There is such a standard: it’s called Demeter (named after the Greek goddess of fertility).

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