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And the fruit’s concentrated juice – sweet-tart pomegranate molasses – adds a distinct depth of flavour to meat, fish and vegetable dishes.In Khan’s debut cookbook, The Saffron Tales (Bloomsbury, 2016), the pomegranate appears in a wide variety of recipes.Choose an accessory in a color that’s an adventure from your day to day uniform. As much as I love my Fall wardrobe it lightened my mood tremendously to do a “Spring Cleaning” in my closet and start pulling out pieces that were fresh and colorful.Ring of Honor is closing out 2017 in characteristically emphatic style.It stars in her pomegranate soup with its “classic Iranian flavours”: sweet and sour.

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It’s really great for salad dressings, and it’s lovely drizzled on ice cream.Are you happy with where Ring of Honor is as we close 2017, compared to where it was?I’m extremely happy with the progress but that in no way means we’re ready to slow down or stop.And sometimes people open a pomegranate and see that the seeds might be pale or white, and think there’s something wrong there.But actually the whiter the seeds, the sweeter the pomegranate,” she says.“That’s an actual variety – it’s not like it’s unripe or anything.I think that all Iranians have a pomegranate story.And of course I’ve got mine that I share in the beginning of (The Saffron Tales) about my mom going to work in the morning and me grabbing onto her leg not wanting her to leave.One of the coolest parts to me, that proves we’re doing something right, is when other wrestlers want to come here. I remember somebody wanted me to sign something but didn’t have anything for me to sign, so they took their shoe off, and had me sign their shoe! If anybody, anywhere just wants to say hello to me, they don’t necessarily want an autograph or need to want to buy an picture.It’s one thing to have the fans want to show up because our product is cool and interesting. The weirdest fan interaction is the fact that people come up to me and they like me! Just the fact that they want to come up to me to say hello, I couldn’t ask for anything better than that.I popped on a vintage multi-chain necklace to tie in a few other shades of cream and gold and give the look a little sparkle.There are SO many ways to catapult your office wear into Spring! Sure you don’t want to look like an Easter egg, but putting a few fresh touches on your workwear will really put a pep in your step!

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