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Beyond brutal and cruel, the bikers stop at nothing to torture the girls, bruising and branding their young flesh and mutilating their breasts - all for their perverted entertainment.

BACKGROUND Originally from Indiana, nineteen year old Cindy Strobe comes to study Modern Dance at a college in Los Angeles.

Then, a whole new world opens up when Cindy's younger sister Annie drops out of high school in Indiana and comes to Los Angeles with a band of bikers.

On a mission to find her younger sister, Cindy discovers the dark side of a biker bar where she gets into a slug-fest with a nasty biker babe named Karen.

The Adventures of Pinkie explores the deepest canyons of Cindy's erotic mind and turns her most jaded fantasies into a web of raw sexual experiences.

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As cheerleader and homecoming princess during her sophomore year in high school in Indiana, Cindy is disqualified from the squad when her bitch of a coach convinces the vice principal that her huge breast size is a distraction to the team and fans.Fantasm, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Body modification, Domination/submission, Drug, Extreme, Female solo, Fisting, Humiliation, Lactation, Male Domination, Masturbation, Pregnant, Sado-Masochism, Slavery, Teen Female/Teen Female, Torture, Violence THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE Introduction A beautiful teenager with naturally huge tits, young Pinkie becomes a prisoner of her new found lust when she joins a biker gang and volunteers her bountiful breasts to become subjected to their bizarre bondage and perverted torture games.Once exposed to the exciting and glamorous world of nude dancing, Pinkie repels her inhibitions and thrusts herself into a non-stop quest for extreme sexual experiences including gang-banging, cat-fighting and severe bondage rituals.She encounters similar bias at dance class as the other girls tease and mock her huge breasts.Rebelling against a society that discriminates against girls with large breasts, Cindy revolts, daring herself to go braless in public - wearing halters, crop tops and oversized tank tops - turning heads and dropping jaws wherever she goes.The whole kinky idea really turned her on just dreaming about all the lusty fun she could have with a guy like him.Suddenly, she got a wild hair up her ass and decided to shave off her pussy hair.She slipped into the black leather vest and liked what she saw in the mirror. After a final touch of lipstick - stepped out into her living room hoping Crowbar would approve of her daring new look. If felt incredible to expose herself in front of so many people. "NAME' S CINDY AND SHE' S GONNA ENTER THE WET T-SHIRT CONTEST TODAY! Not to be called "chicken", Cindy took off her tight jeans and cut away the fabric until they weren't much more than a shredded little G-string cut all the way to her belt loops exposing her buns out the back and smooth upper thighs in the front. called out one of the girls who watched Cindy cut apart her pants and T-shirt with a pair of scissors. The bikers used beer to wet the T-shirt and she got big applause.Her young breasts were so large and bountiful that they filled out the large open armholes and created a deep cleavage where she fastened a single gold button. It was obvious that she was braless - but then that was the whole idea! Cindy immediately noticed a number of chicks wearing outfits that revealed more than hers. Crowbar bragged as he looked to Cindy for approval. " smiled Cindy as she climbed off the back and thrust out her large firm breasts for the stranger to admire. The next several girls were all pretty good looking and wasted no time tossing their tops off - giving the crowd the show they wanted.After brutally fighting the bitch in public and getting her tank top ripped off in front of a few dozen bikers, Cindy discovers her pent up lust for savage cat-fighting and raw exhibitionism.Cindy's prize for beating the biker bitch, is Karen's boyfriend Crowbar.

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