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So, when in doubt, just talk about food, guacamole, or potatoes. In 2015, if you were to casually mention you’re a vegetarian, you would have gotten 100 percent fewer replies than the average, because vegetarians are usually annoying. If you want lots of replies to the messages you send, try swiping in Ohio, because apparently, women in Ohio send more messages than in any other state. I’m going to make an educated guess and presume that’s the day cuffing season officially commenced.

Now, in 2017, talking about being a vegetarian will actually get you 3 percent more replies, and more interestingly, if your profile mentions veganism, you’ll get 62 percent more messages than the average. For some reason, asking your match out to lunch will get you 25 percent more responses than the average, while asking her out for coffee, dinner, or drinks will get you 13 percent fewer responses. When looking at monthly data, however, the most popular month for online dating was January, with 9 percent more activity.

It occurs before the first meeting and men tend to do it more than women.

Forty seven percent of singletons have been “flexted,” according to Plenty Of Fish. Cricketing No, this is nothing to do with Freddie Flintoff.

It some cases it can take days (even weeks) for the other person to reply. Ghostbusting Ghostbusting is when a person continues to contact someone who is ignoring them.And who can forget the delightful trend of “ghosting,” when someone suddenly cuts all ties and communication with the person they’ve been seeing.Now there’s five more brutal dating trends to get your head around.Dating in the 21st century is a minefield – and singles have to put up with an ever-growing list of dating “trends” that are ruining relationships up and down the country.Seventy percent of people are guilty of “phubbing” their partner off — ignoring them to look at their phones — while if you receive sporadic but suggestive text messages, it could be a sign that you’re getting “breadcrumbed.” Then, for the insecure (or serial cheats) there’s “cushioning,” which is the practice of making sure you have some “insurance” on the side in case your relationship goes sour.And so, per Zoosk's massive and highly detailed analysis, here are the 10 biggest dating trends of 2017.You know the age-old saying “Nice guys finish last?Bet they didn’t tell you that at freshman orientation, did they? Pro tip: Don't wait too long to respond to messages, because if you wait longer than a day to reply, the response rate isn’t too favorable at a measly 45 percent.mention of guacamole will bring about a 144 percent increase in messages, and talking about potatoes will increase your messages by 101 percent. However, if you reply in the same day, there’s a 62 percent chance she's going to respond to you. This year, the single most popular day for dating apps was November 15th, with 11 percent more activity than the daily average.People hung sprigs of mistletoe in their homes and kissed beneath them as a gesture of friendship.At pagan festivals there was also a lot of singing and dancing going on – “dancing in a circle” is the original meaning of the word “carol”.

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